It’s not the arrow, It’s the Indian.

frank-mccarthy-9-1It’s not the choice of the exercise that gets the result, it’s the intensity at which you work that causes the adaptation. I get asked this question quite often. Why am I not getting results? I exercise 3 or 4 times a week and nothing really seems to change for me. I ride the bike, I walk on the treadmill, I lift weights and I am not getting the results I want.

Actually you are getting results, it just may not be what you want. It’s nearly impossible to move and not increase our heart rate. Every time we move a muscle has to contract for the intended action. So what is the real problem? The problem is, the intensity of the exercise session is too low. Most people just go through the motions without any real effort applied. I tell people all the time, “I never see you work. I never see you push yourself. When you finish a set you still have plenty left in the gas tank.” Bottom line is Ma’am or sir, you don’t work out very hard. There I said it and no I’m not sorry.

People join a gym for many different reasons. We start exercising with different goals in mind. But most of the time we exercise to change the way we look. That’s it plain and simple. Most people want to feel and look good. So if this is what we want why isn’t it happening? There are a number of reasons. Incorrect information, incorrect instruction and horrible service from our fitness centers and gyms. But the real reason is we just don’t work hard enough. How can we say I went to the gym but never got out of breath, didn’t really sweat and God forbid experience a little discomfort.heavy_weight-300x2004




3f51a1b74bdc2911_exercise2Don’t be fooled by the fitness industry. Don’t let the gyms and the personal trainers fool you with a bag of tricks. Just because you use every piece of exercise equipment and go through all the fancy, functional combo movements  doesn’t mean you will change the way you look. If you have done this and are doing this now is it working? Fancy doesn’t mean better. The bag of tricks that personal trainers use is just smoke and mirrors. It’s to sell and impress you and everyone looking on. People may be watching you but they’re probably not in awe or envious. They most likely are embarrassed for you and saying bless your heart.  It doesn’t work.




So what works? Keep it simple for now. Basic movements, with regulated intensity, different volumes (reps), different workout duration’s and different frequencies. The appropriate progression is very important. Be willing to work for what you want. Discomfort is temporary. Get motivated. Train smart. Ask for the resume of your trainer. If they are not properly trained and educated find another one. $50-$100 per hour is good money. That is the kind of income well trained and educated professionals earn.

It’s not that hard. Get a little grit. Be determined. You only get one shot at this life. It’s your body so take care of it.


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