CHALKGYM, LLC in Birmingham, Alabama


CHALK is a Weight Training gym that combines the membership, training & coaching, and your workout routine all for one price. The equipment, the facility, the programming and coaching are designed to provide the optimal environment for training.

Chalk is returning to the roots of weight training and focusing on developing the unique qualities of the athlete rather than following blindly the current fads of other fitness facilities and gyms. We want to help preserve what we believe is a special and disappearing mindset and way of life.


Training Equipment

  • Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting, 5 competition Olympic bars, 5 sets of training bumper plates, 5 squat stands. 5 Houston IWF World Championship platforms.
  • Eleiko Powerlifting, 3 sets of competition metal plates.
  • EliteFTS, 2 Collegiate Power Rack with adjustable incline with Platform, 2 Competition Bench Press, 2 Dip station. 2 Flat Benches
  • Bars, Iron Grip curl bars, Texas power bars, and yoke bar.Coming Soon