Sports & Tactical Performance


The goal of a sports and tactical strength and conditioning training is to enhance your performance in competition. It differs from personal training in which the primary goal is usually to improve overall fitness, health and well-being.SOAR (8)

Quality strength and conditioning programs take into account all of the components of the sport (with the tactical athlete, it’s the job or mission) such as strength, power, work capacity and bio motor abilities etc., and train them appropriately.  Performance plans are grounded in sound scientific principles and proven training techniques to create a customized, effective workout plan. Such a program, combined with your own hard work, will increase your bodies’ ability to perform at its optimal level. You will also improve vital sport / tactical-specific skills, reduce your potential for injury, and become more confident and motivated. Lastly, a good sports and tactical performance program is one that you should look forward to participating in, not something you dread.


These days, talent alone is not enough…it must be combined with proper coaching, appropriate training and DESIRE. Train hard and train smart. It’s the difference between winning and losing.


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