Handcuffs and Islands

Handcuffs and Islands! What does that mean? It means if you were handcuffed to someone and could never escape, could you stay married? If you were on a desert island with your spouse and could never get off, could you work things out? Absolutely you could. The cast on Gilligans Island were complete opposites, had nothing in common with each other. Not one would have associated with another on land back home. Somehow they all survived and became family. Have you ever wondered why? “ HANDCUFFS AND ISLANDS”! They had no choice if they wanted to survive. We all have experienced the same things they did. Hurt feelings, selfishness and complete misunderstandings. Because they couldn’t leave, they all worked things out and were happy just like it never happened. Same with us. So if you want your new year to be better, then have the mindset of “ HANDCUFFS AND ISLANDS.