Born tough track suit hoodie

I just received my Born tough track suit hoodieBornToughMenMomentumTrackSuitHoodieGreyBlack_2_800x (3). It’s the top to the momentum joggers. Again, its another great piece to have in your training rotation. It’s really simple, that’s what I like best. Strong material, heavy zippers down the middle and pockets. This zipper design is a fail proof design. It has large teeth and won’t get out of sequence when you zip up or down. Getting your zipper stuck sucks. The hood is wind proof. Its thick so it will keep your head warm if its cold and windy. The sleeves are designed to pull up and stay on your forearms and wrists without sliding down if your arms are shorter. Best part is the shoulder seam width. The shoulder does not have a preset seam. This allows for a wide back or a narrow back. It covers the deltoids nicely without bunching up. Lastly, it’s just a good looking design. If you need to look professional and not like a rag doll, this gear is high class and draws the attention to those around you. So, will I be ordering more? Absolutely! Can’t wait for my next choice.

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