Born Tough Momentum Cargo jogger

I HATE SHOPPING FOR WORKOUT CLOTHES. Most of the time they don’t fit. The shirts usually do but the shorts and the pants rarely do. The main reason is most manufactures don’t cater to powerlifters, bodybuilders or just big dudes. Well, I found a pair of bottoms that I really love. They fit almost perfect. They actually do fit perfect, I just hate to say anything is perfect, so let’s get started and I’ll explain why. First, the length of the jogger is adjustable because of the ankle draw cord. If you have a longer leg then leave them alone. Pull them down and leave them alone. If you have shorter legs like me, then adjust them and then cinch the draw cord to your desired length and you’re go to go. These Born_Tough_Momentum_Cargo_Jogger_Pants_for_Men_Black_1_d500c799-8004-41b5-8e10-931107c25149are an ideal design for me. Remember, these are not a dinner pant that you would wear with a suit. They are a well thought out and designed training pant. If you are an athlete and you move, then these are the pants for you. Huge surprise!! You can actually squat in these joggers and not split the crotch. If you’ve ever squatted in a pair of your favorite shorts or warm ups and as soon as you squat deep you hear the rip of stitching, it immediately ruins your set and your favorite pair of pants. The first thing that comes to your mind is the word, you know it stars with an “S”.  They are form fitting at the calf but make a nice jump up to increase and adjust for the quad. Many athletes have big legs and need the room to move. A side note the pant has two pockets on the sides that make the outward sweep of the quads accentuated. The placement of the pockets makes your legs look huge. The pockets are perfect for keys, your wallet or anything else you don’t need to keep in your hand while moving. There is a zipper on the right and an open pocket on the left. Great idea. Zipper keeps things you don’t need immediately and the open pocket keeps things like a stop watch ready when you need it and out of the way when you need your hands. There is a pocket in the back, with a zipper just below the waist band in the middle. Well thought out. Most people don’t like their credit card and keys in the same pocket. Problem solved. The material is strong but is flexible so you can move deep and fast without worrying if you’ll split the seat out. That always sucks. Waistband is thick and hearty with a strong and heavy draw cord for extra security if you need it. The draw string has metal ends so they are easy to grab. The stitching is strong and gone over twice. Double stitching is a must and goes without saying. So, if you’re ready for a one and done pant, these are it. You’ll look no where else.

 Check these out.

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