From Steve Miller

Steve Miller 1600 x 705I first met Terry in 1980 when he joined the OU Weightlifting Club as a sophomore in high school. I remember his intense desire to train and compete in the sport of Powerlifting. Even at 15 yrs old, I could tell he was destined to become a great athlete and coach. His approach to training was direct, regimented and focused. I have watched him develop over the years and am very proud of his achievements.

The goal of every teacher should be to turn out students who accomplish more than them. I am proud to pass on much of what I have learned and experienced throughout my life and career to Terry. What I admire most about Terry is the respect and loyalty he has shown throughout the years.

I recommend Terry without any reservations as a coach, mentor and friend.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Stephen Miller, USAW Senior International Level Coach


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