This is what happens when you don’t know what your doing!


So you think you can coach? You find a building, you purchase the equipment and get your degree from ” The University of Youtube” buy watching videos of crossfit workouts. You may even get “Crossfit certified”. Now you’re definitely ready to coach. You are now ready to analyze your clients’ needs, skill level and fitness level. You understand anatomy and physiology at a very high level. You have trained under a mentor coach that has decades of experience and they have passed that information and experience on to you. You personally have spent decades yourself training in the weight room and on the track so you can personally testify that you have experienced what you will be telling others to do. Because of all this training and experience you are qualified to test for fitness and skill level, design an appropriate exercise program and push people to their absolute physiological and psychological limit. Congratulations, you are on your way to seriously hurting someone or even committing murder. Click the picture for a closer look.

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