There is something to being consistent!


I’ll remember this day for a long time. It was on a Tuesday and it was about 11:30 a.m. I always arrived at the field before anyone else except for Bunny, one of the equipment managers. I usually finished my workouts before any of the players and coaches showed up. It has always seemed to me that the coaches get a little uncomfortable when I lift while the players are present. As if the players will want to train like I do or maybe if the players see me train they might start training harder or get a little motivated . We all know what happens when baseball players train with weights? They get muscle bound and can’t swing a bat or throw the ball. Anyway I had just tightened my belt and chalked my hands when Buck Showalter walked in. Too bad, I was geared up and ready to go. I got under the bar, made the lift and finished my workout. Later that day Brady Anderson said “Buck saw you lift and wasn’t happy”.  I could see why Buck wasn’t happy. What a horrible idea to have a strength and conditioning coach who actually is a lifter and trains consistently. It’s always a bad idea to be around someone who practices what they preach. I guess that’s why most baseball strength coaches are not lifters, soft and out of shape. Anyway I had some decent lifts while in Baltimore. Chris Davis actually enjoyed my training.  215 KG


Fast forward a year and a half later. So far I continue to maintain my strength. I am quite sure consistency is the key factor. 220 KG

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