From Paul Byrd

byrd_3 442x282I’ve known Terry Grisham since I was a freshman at LSU.  He truly is one of the reasons I have had such a long career in baseball. When we first met I was 18 years old weighing 165 pounds with very little muscle. By the time I was a junior I had gained almost twenty pounds. With his years of experience in coaching, his education in exercise physiology, sports nutrition and rehabilitation he has taught me how to eat properly, lift properly and recover properly. Over the years, he has written numerous programs to fit my personal needs as a professional athlete.

A word of warning to you, he is not for the lazy or faint of heart. He will push you and has no time for excuses. If you want to be taken to the next level and see your body at its best, then there is no one better than Terry Grisham.

Paul Byrd, Starting Pitcher — Cleveland Indians

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